Reader’s Theater 2.0


“Lost On Blueberry Ridge,” A Creative Kids Reader’s Theater 2.0 Kit

Original publication: 1998 Written by Diana Lynn Carter
© Creative Kids Performing Arts All rights reserved.

City kids from the prestigious Winthrop Academy go on a field trip to tour the historic Blueberry Ridge Gold Mines. During the tour, three of the students get separated from the others. They soon discover that they are lost in the mines. As they try to find their way back, they accidentally enter a dangerous area. On the other side of the mines, two country kids are exploring the old mines. The country kids hear screams for help and, without thinking of their own safety, they rush in and rescue the city kids. Together, they escape the dangerous area. Once they are safely outside the mines, more danger lurks. The city kids and the country kids have to work together to get across the Blueberry Ridge cliffs during a thunder storm. Finally, they make it safely to the family farm. Now, the biggest challenge may be
learning to get along despite their differences. Can people from different worlds become friends? There are 10 fun characters in this reader’s theatre script. Enjoy!

This Creative Kids Reader’s Theater 2.0 kit to download includes:

  • A PDF script with song lyrics, a summary of the play, and narration/director’s notes
  • A glossary featuring some words to explore and ideas for related theater activities
  • Two songs with vocals on mp3 files
  • Two songs in instrumental versions on mp3 files
  • 1 Thunder SFX (Sound effect) on an mp3 file

What Are Some Concepts In This Play?

  • Understanding and accepting differences
  • Finding common ground
  • Seeing things from another perspective or point of view
  • Friendship
  • Being grateful
  • Kindness and compassion